Explore the depths of history and peacefulness. Let the beauty of the Nistru river and MUSES’ energy inspire you.

‘Țâpova’ landscape reserve is one of Moldova’s must-sees, combining cultural-historical, religious, ecological and recreational sights.

It’s an ideal combination for adventures, hiking, pilgrimages, a possibility to escape from urban noise or just to breathe fresh air and admire the starry sky.

However, the legends of this place might be the most important untapped potential of this unique Moldovan destination. It is a mystery whether the Prince Stephen the Great indeed married at Țâpova monastery or if Geto-Dacians gathered at the altars which can still be found near various waterfalls in the Nistru Valley. It is still unknown whether Orpheus visited these lands accompanied by the MUSES, who inspired him to create his famous masterpieces, but we are sure that there is a special energy in Țâpova.

It is believed that Orpheus’ MUSES are still somewhere on those lands. We invite our guests to reflect, to get invigorated by the bountiful nature and to find inspiration. The motto – ‘Explore the depths of history and peacefulness’ emphasises the guest house setting – close to historical relics and surrounded by an extraordinary silence.